How Leptin Hormone Effects The Body

All of us are plagued with weight issues at some time of time but we never get to the bottom of the factor. There is a specific hormone which goes by the name of Leptin and it is essentially the most active hormonal agent that is associated with the procedure of slimming down in men in addition to females. Now apparently, it is quite evident that the approach of dropping weight at a fast lane has got something to do with this hormone. Thus, let us clarify the characteristics of this hormone and ascertain as to how it is an efficient beginning point towards losing weight within an extremely short period of time.

Attributes of Leptin

There are basically 2 levels of Leptin that are present inside the body of a human being. The department of Leptin inside the body might be unpredictable however what we can inform you is that high levels of Leptin attach the metabolism procedure inside males and women which in turn, fastens the weight-losing procedure altogether. On the other hand, low levels of Leptin present in the body help in storing the excess fat and make sure that it is utilized in an useful method. There is a particular medium through which, Leptin sends out signals to the body.

However the difference lies in the efficiency of the signals when it comes to a male and a woman. Obviously, the body of a male is 3 times more responsive to the signals that are being sent by Leptin. But on the contrary, the quantity of Leptin hormones present in females is two times as that of males. Now, the next area of the article will demonstrate how hard it is for females to slim down and will suggest reliable methods to manage the same.

Tougher for women to lose fat

There is a condition referred to as Leptin Resistance based on which, ladies are not able to burn fats at a fast pace as compared to that of guys. However even if the metabolic system of ladies is three times less receptive as compared to that of guys, females have 2 times more Leptin hormonal agents. The presence of Leptin resistance is established by spotting a squishy and soft fat which bears the shape of cottage cheese. However as a matter of fact, Leptin Resistance is generally 1 of the 2 problems which prevent the weight loss capacity of females.

The 2nd issue happens during the procedure of dieting. According to research, it has been found that the levels of Leptin can visit twice the rate of that in men. Regardless to say, as soon as there is a drop in the levels of Leptin, the rate of metabolic process suffers a huge breakdown. On the other hand, the levels of Leptin do not prevent the rate of metabolic process in guys when they select diet plan plans.

Hence, it is much more laborious for women to reduce weight than males but if the best diet plan and research is done, then this problem can be dealt with easily.

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