About us

Stephan Müller was born on the 22nd of May 1981. The same day he saw the light of day. Discovering photography and short films, he travelled around the world and quickly became addicted to creating things. Cardboards, a jig saw, a hammer and some wood are always around him. Under the name of KAMERAPFERD he's been working together with his symbiotic film friend Erik Schmitt since 2010.
Erik Schmitt was initially born in 1980 in Mainz. He quickly started to study the many forms of communication in Geneva, Munich and Melbourne but was successfully lured into the capital. He completed his studies of communication sciences at the FU Berlin. At some point he learned to use the camera not only as walking stick, and started KAMERAPFERD together with Stephan Müller.
Kamerapferd is the synonym of the two directors, Stephan Müller and Erik Schmitt, since 2010. Under that name, they produced a whole range of highly visual, often  unconventional short films. They also worked on several ads, as well as on a feature length documentary (The Solartaxi, 2010). They latest short film, „Now Follows“ (Nun Sehen Sie Folgendes, 2010), won the German Short Film Award. It was presented at Cannes by the FFA and German Films, and is representing the german short films all around the world on the „Soirée Allemande“ and the „Next Generation Short Tiger“ roll.